Kitchen Chicago Wedding: Megan & Nicole

Wedding portrait at Kitchen Chicago.

I’m so excited to share my first shoot of 2017: Megan and Nicole’s Kitchen Chicago wedding! It was such a wonderful day and their love for one another was so palpable it made photographing them such a treat. They were recommended to me by previous clients Liz and Lauren and it was so great to see them at the wedding! Continue reading

Evanston Golf Club Wedding: Julianne & Billy

Wedding portrait at Gillson Park before an Evanston Golf Club wedding.

Julianne and Billy’s Evanston Golf Club wedding was such a fun event to shoot.  The two were recommended by previous clients of mine Liz and Lauren and after shooting their engagement session, I knew they would be a playful and fun couple to work with.  Continue reading

Wedding at The Grove: Emily & Alex

Portrait during a wedding at The Grove.

I really enjoyed Emily and Alex’s wedding at The Grove this summer! I hadn’t worked there in several years and was excited to spend the day outside. I had just shot their engagement session a few weeks before and had a great time getting to know them both.  Continue reading

Art Institute of Chicago Wedding: Yao & Sai Hei

Couple portrait at Lurie Gardens before an Art Institute of Chicago wedding.

I hadn’t photographed an Art Institute of Chicago wedding before but it’s one of my favorite places in the city and I couldn’t wait for Yao and Sei Hei’s event this June. They really wanted some nice, documentary images of their wedding so we were a perfect fit!  Continue reading

Blumen Gardens Wedding: Charlene & Chris

Bride and groom portrait during a Blumen Gardens wedding.

After working with Charlene and Chris on their engagement session, I knew their Blumen Gardens wedding would be even better! They are both such sweet and caring people and I had a hard time editing down their images, I loved so many!  Continue reading

Belmont Harbor Engagement Session: Jennifer & Frank

Golden retriever plays in the grass during a Belmont Harbor engagement session.

After chatting with Jennifer and Frank about location ideas, I knew a Belmont Harbor engagement session would be perfect for them. They wanted to incorporate their adorable golden retriever Colby, and Lake Michigan, so it was a great fit.  Continue reading

Greenhouse Loft Wedding: Sisi & Chen

Couple laughs together in Ping Tom Park before their Greenhouse Loft wedding.

Sisi and Chen’s event was my first Greenhouse Loft wedding so I was excited to finally work in their beautiful, open space. Their engagement session was so lovely and they were instantly comfortable in front of the camera (or at least convinced me!) so I knew I’d be able to capture a lot of nice emotions on their day. Continue reading

Armour House Wedding: Amanda & Blake

Wedding portrait at the Armour House in Lake Forest.

I love shooting at unique venues outside of the city and Amanda and Blake’s Armour House wedding was no exception! The buildings on the Lake Forest Academy campus are stunning and lend themselves to be perfect backdrops for a wedding. After working with the couple on their engagement session, I knew their wedding would be a real treat! Continue reading